As we move into warmer weather — finally! — in the Midwest, my husband and I are looking into ways of designing and sprucing up our large backyard. We moved less than two years ago, so it’s still a bit of a blank canvas. So of course I was totally intrigued when I saw this tiny house on Amazon!
Allwood tiny house
Source: Amazon
Clocking in at just 172 square feet total, it truly is a tiny house. Of that square footage, 86 square feet is completely enclosed, complete with glass windows. The remaining square footage is a covered “porch” area. While Allwood Solvalla markets it as a tiny garden house, it can be just about anything you want it to be! Just keep in mind, the instructions do not include how to add electricity or plumbing. That said, this tiny house has potential.
Tiny house
Source: Amazon
Depending on your yard and your family’s needs, it could be a pool house, office, art studio, or simply a fun indoor/outdoor room for the family. When I showed the plans to my young kids, they thought it would make a lovely outdoor play room. The possibilities are endless! You name it… but you also build it. Tiny house specs This is still a big DIY project. Even so, it’s made a bit easier, because the manufacturer supplies you with nearly everything you need. The kit includes high-quality Nordic wood, parts, and hardware, along with step-by-step directions. They say minimal tools will be required, so if you’re up for the project, you should have the tools already handy in your toolbox. Tiny house example The only other things you’ll need to buy to complete this tiny house: roof shingles and foundation materials. They don’t include those materials because what you’ll need depends on where you live and where you’ll be building your new tiny house.
Building dimensions
Source: Amazon
As for assembly, how long will it take? For two adults working together, expect the assembly to take around eight hours. As for how long it’ll take to decorate, that’s completely up to you. Amazon is selling this tiny house for $7290 and shipping is free in the 48 continental states. Ready for this DIY project? You can learn and buy the tiny garden house here.


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