We have been in lockdown for quite a few weeks now, are you on the hunt for fun quarantine reading for kids? You have to check out Katie Reed‘s new May 1st release, Wizard and the Lizard Wacky WeatherQuarantine Reading for Kids: Wizard and the Lizard; Wacky Weather By: Katie Reed

Quarantine Reading for Kids – Wizard and the Lizard: Wacky Weather 

This post contains affiliate links.  I have been reading a ton with my daughter during lockdown. That has actually been one of the silver linings in all of this–more time to enjoy good books together! We got our hands on a copy of Wizard and Lizard: Wacky Weather and loved it!

Wizard and Buddy have planned a picnic, but there is just one problem; there is a huge storm outside! As the storm gets worse, Wizard decides to build a weather machine, So, Wizard and Buddy get to work, hoping to change the weather. However, things don’t quite go as planned. Wizard and Buddy learn a valuable lesson about what they cannot control and are rewarded with an unexpected surprise!

Quarantine Reading for Kids - Wizard and the Lizard: Wacky Weather Author, Katie Reed, feels that this story ties in perfectly with the current state of the world. She hopes it gives children hope, and shows that even though we can’t control the “storm” of COVID-19, we can control our outlook and how we help others. Katie will be donating half of her royalties during the first three months of release to the CDC Foundation for COVID-19 research and relief. You can order your copy of Wizard and Lizard: Wacky Weather here. It is being released today, 5/1/20! Quarantine Reading for Kids - Wizard and the Lizard: Wacky Weather

Free Wizard and the Lizard: Wacky Weather Coloring Page

Celebrate the release of Wizard and the Wizard: Wacky Weather by printing this free coloring page! There are a few to choose from, even a blank window. Katie Reed, the author, hopes your kiddos can let their imagination roam wild, creating a crazy storm of their own, like the one in the book! 

More Quarantine Reading for Kids Book 1: Wizard and the Lizard

This is the first book of the series, and the introduction to the fun world of wizard and lizard! My daughter and I also loved this one! Check out Katie’s website for free Wizard and Lizard printable coloring pages to go along with this book, too. Buddy the Lizard wished to become a dragon fierce and strong. His best friend Wizard thinks he is perfectly perfect just the way he is, but agrees to help him transform into a dragon… Will Buddy become the dragon he yearns to be? Or will Buddy realize he was perfectly perfect all along? You can order your copy of Wizard and Lizard here.

Quarantine Reading for Kids - Wizard and the Lizard: Wacky Weather

About the Author Katie Reed

Katie has always been a fan of fantasy. As a child, she fell in love with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books and movies. She loves wizards like Gandalf and Dumbledore who subtly teach lessons and are good role models for the younger characters. She also wanted her wizard to have a sidekick. A lizard came to mind quickly because it rhymed with wizard!  

Katie worked in after school programs for 10 years, and then she worked in a public school reading intervention program for 2 years. In that time, she learned how to help children deal with their emotions and problems every day, and learned to see children’s perspectives on things that sometimes adults overlook or don’t think are a big deal. She has taken these lessons and put them into her books. Katie’s main passion is giving children a love for reading. When she had her son, she wanted to stay home with him, and used her amazing reading background with children to write children’s books!
Her book series Wizard and the Lizard, so far consists of two books. The first released in October 2019, and her newest release, Wizard and the Wizard: Wacky Weather will be available in a couple of weeks. Katie says that the message of the story is relevant to what is going on today. 
Quarantine Reading for Kids - Wizard and the Lizard: Wacky Weather

Fun Things To Do While You’re Stuck At Home on Lockdown

Have you been reading a lot during quarantine? What is your favorite book that you have read to your kids? Comment below!

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