Learn how to create this simple and fun hopscotch play mat and spark hours of active play. With Spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to put down the phone and amp up the play!  This mat is perfect because it can be played indoors or out, rain or shine.  Introduce your kids to this great classic school yard game.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we are always looking for fun ways to be active with our kids.  We’ve partnered with our sponsor, Horizon, to bring you this great DIY, plus  the perfect way to fuel up for all that hopping!

diy hopscothch playmat

To Make A No-Sew Hopscotch Playmat You’ll Need

  • Canvas dropcloth (A 4’x 15′ will get you two playmats!)
  • Paint
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Iron-on hem tape or pinking shears
  • Small smooth stones

how to make a hopschotch playmat

How To Make a Hopscotch Play Mat

  1. First measure and cut a 4′ x 7 1/2′   rectangle  from your drop cloth, if you use a runner you can just cut it in half.  If you use pinking shears it will slow the fraying of the edges considerably.  Or you can  hem the raw edges by ironing them under and sewing along the edge or securing it with  iron hem tape.
  2. With a ruler as your guide mark out a hopscotch board.  You can make it like the one shown above or create your own design!
  3. Paint over your lines and fill them in with numbers.  This is a great project for kids to help with!  Allow the paint to dry.
  4. Play!

how to play hopscotch

How To Play Hopscotch

Has it been awhile since you played hopscotch? Here’s a quick refresher on how it’s played!

  1. Toss your stone onto one of the squares.
  2. Hop on one foot (you can alternate) making sure to skip the square your stone is on.
  3. Note:  You can put two feet down when the squares are side by side.
  4. When you get to the end, turn around and repeat, making sure you pick up your stone on the way back!

Click here for  more detailed rules.

horizon mac and cheese

Fuel for Play – Horizon Mac and Cheese

All that hopping is bound to work up an appetite!  That’s where Horizon Mac and  Cheese comes in!  They have so many great options, making it a great easy snack or meal.  Their gluten-free option is awesome  for families with wheat sensitivity and the microwavable mac and cheese  is great when you’re crunched for time.

fuel up with horizon

We love the classic cheddar with broccoli as a healthy add in.  To add broccoli, simply add a handful of small florets to the boiling pasta water in the last two minutes of cooking, then follow the instruction on the box!  Be sure to follow Horizon on Twitter  and Facebook for lots of great meal and snack ideas.

This conversation is sponsored by Horizon. The opinions and text are all mine.


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