Exploring the letter E has been exceptional. Every day, we come across words that start with the letter E. Once you have chosen some fun spelling and sight word activities (might I suggest Erudition?), you’re ready! It is time to learn words that start with the letter E. Letter E Sight and Spelling Word List - Kids Activities Blog It is always a good idea to keep things exciting by adding new games and activities to each lesson. What works to learn a letter may not work for every letter in the alphabet! 

Sight Word List

As we worked to develop our list, Kindergarten Sight Words and 1st Grade Sight Words quickly became too numerous for one list. Dividing these into how to teach the letter makes it so that you can focus on your child’s understanding of each and every letter of the alphabet. Not every word that starts with the letter E is easy to pronounce! There are so many that are hard to sound out. When this is an issue, we turn to using sight words! Every child learns using different sight word activities. There are not too many sight words that start with the letter E, but they are all important. It is exciting for us to be able to share this list of sight words that start with the letter E. Memorizing the words just takes time and drilling. Make use of opportunities you may find excessive just to help your child learn the letter E. 
Kindergarten Sight Words:
  • Eat
  • Egg
  • Eye
How to teach sight words is in no way a science. There is a lot of guessing involved. For some kiddos, pictures help the most and for others it can be making rhyming games. 
1st Grade Sight Words:
  • Eight
  • Every
  • Even
If you feel as though you are struggling to break through to your child’s understanding of the letter, do not despair. Time is your best friend. The more examples of each thing you give, the better your chances are of finding the one that sticks. 

Spelling Word Lists – The Letter E

With each spelling list, I scoured and researched in an attempt to make sure the words are all just challenging enough.  For words starting with the letter E, I wanted to make sure they are words that are fun, relatable, and useful. I made sure to tie many of them into our other letter E worksheets, so be sure to check those out! 
Kindergarten Spelling List:
  • Ear
  • Easy
  • Eat
  • Eel
  • Elf
  • End
  • Era
  • Eve
  • Exit
  • Eye
1st Grade Spelling List:
  • Each
  • Edge
  • Egypt
  • Empty
  • Enter
  • Epic
  • Error
  • Europe
  • Easter
  • Evil
2nd Grade Spelling List: 
  • Eagle
  • Eastern
  • Editor
  • Escape
  • Elegant
  • Empire
  • Energy
  • Enough
  • Equal
  • Explore
Might we suggest using the Harry Potter Escape Room to help as you explore this 2nd Grade letter E spelling list?
3rd Grade Spelling List:  
  • Earthquake
  • Eclipse
  • Education
  • Electricity
  • Eliminate
  • Emergency
  • Emotional
  • Encourage
  • Entertain
  • Except
Words that start with the letter E are something that absolutely every child can master, with your help. Have an exceptional evening!

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