While you’re looking for new ways to entertain yourself during stay-at-home days, you can build your very own picnic table for the squirrels in your yard!

Courtesy of the Squirrel Shop on Amazon

The little critters that are normally just hanging out in your trees or scampering across your fence can have their very own picnic at a table you set up for them.  Just picture the cuteness!  

Facebook and Twitter users are loving the concept, sharing photos of their own little squirrel picnic tables and the adorable squirrels hanging out and noshing on corn cobs and other treats.

Courtesy of the Squirrel Shop on Amazon

Most of the picnic tables have a nail to attach dried corn cobs to it, a favorite for squirrels.  There are also options with little buckets that you can fill with bird seed or other grains for the squirrels to enjoy.  

According to squirrel picnic table owners, it also assists in keeping squirrels away from bird feeders if you have those in your yard by giving the squirrels a place of their own to visit.

If building one from scratch isn’t in your wheelhouse, Amazon sells squirrel picnic tables that are already built and just need to be attached to your fence or tree.  It’s the cutest way to enjoy watching your backyard critters and we are definitely ordering these for our yards!

You can get your very own Squirrel Picnic Table on Amazon Here and it’ll run you about $26!

Squirrel Shop Amazon


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