Ever since the SpaceX Dragon docked on the International Space Station, my kids have had so many questions about anything related to space. What gravity is, for example, has been a hot topic of conversation around here.

Courtesy of Nasa.gov

That’s why I was so excited to learn that NASA has educational programming all summer long. Kids — and adults — everywhere will love learning more about space from the astronauts and scientists!

NASA Live features live videos — of launches, landings, and other educational contents — as well as regular programming, including interviews with scientists and astronauts. Source: Facebook/NASA

How to Watch NASA Live

Technology has made so many cool things possible, including seeing what astronauts in space are up to in real time. With NASA Live, we can now watch just about everything the space program is up to: launches, landings, spacewalks, and in-flight events.

The NASA Live programming features more than just the astronauts aboard the International Space Station too (although that alone is reason to tune in!)

The programming also includes convos with engineers and scientists. Over the summer, we can tune in and learn all about the upcoming Mars Rover launch, for example.

When there isn’t live program or event scheduled, NASA also offers regular programming. That programming features all sorts of fun science and technology facts as well as pretty awe-inspiring views from space. The streaming broadcast also features interviews with experts. In other words: if your kids love space, you’re going to want to tune into NASA Live this summer.

So how can we tune in? NASA Live streams online in multiple spots, including NASA’s social media channels.

You can also access the full NASA Live schedule here.

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