Just about all of us have seen what space looks like, but have you ever wondered what it sounds like?


If you’re answer is ‘yes’ then this is for you…

NASA has released a sound clip of what a black hole sounds like and I am totally freaked out by it.

“The misconception that there is no sound in space originates because most space is a ~vacuum, providing no way for sound waves to travel. A galaxy cluster has so much gas that we’ve picked up actual sound,”

NASA Twitter

The sounds are emitting waves of pressure that ripple through galaxies and in the first sound clip, it sounds like creepy alien moans.

These sounds are pitched up 57 octaves so that humans can hear them.

The second clip NASA shared is another version of black-hole sonification but this time, it actually sounds like music.

I don’t know about you, but I totally prefer the one that sounds like music, the other sounds freak me out.

You can listen to both versions of the sounds of a black hole below.

The creepy version:

The pretty music-like version:

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