Space travel is one of those things that everyone is curious about. From the first satellite launches to the moon landing to the newest SpaceX expeditions, the idea of astronauts and space travel is fascinating. The biggest question–why isn’t there more space stuff

Courtesy of Nasa

The short answer is that space missions are extremely expensive and often difficult to access. NASA just found, and patented, the newest route to the moon which is cheaper and faster than the previous options.

This new route is designed for smaller, research type missions, those that are planning to carry out scientific research. The new option saves time, money, and fuel, and allows these research vessels to reach areas that have so far been hard to access.

What’s even cooler for space exploration? There are plenty of discoveries just waiting on the dark side of the moon! There’s even a brand new space craft ready to use this new route and start the research.

The Dark Ages Polarimeter Pathfinder, nicknamed Dapper, is the size of a microwave and will use this new route to study the universe from the silent areas on the other side of the moon. According to researchers, the Dapper will slip behind the moon at the same time the sun is blocked. This will allow the team to record a neutral hydrogen signal, and maybe even the first stars, black holes, and galaxies.

There’s so much out in space we don’t quite understand and these new routes are the first steps to finding it. We can’t wait to see what is discovered next.

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