My kids are going to be very happy campers the next time I go grocery shopping. They love Lofthouse sugar cookies. They also love Peeps marshmallows. (I know, I know, some might disagree — strongly — with both those statements).
But turns out those two desserts are also a match made in heaven, at least for some people, like my kids.
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Introducing Lofthouse Sugar Cookies with Peep-flavored icing
These limited-edition cookies consist of a sugar cookie bottom and a marshmallow-flavored topping. To make them even more festive for Easter, they’re also topped with colorful blue, pink, and yellow sprinkles. A total of 10 cookies come in every Loftman cookie package.
Source: Instagram
You can nab these Peep-flavored cookies at a variety of stores, including Costco, Albertson’s, Woodman’s, and wherever else you typically find Lofthouse cookies. Since they’re only available this Spring, be sure to get yourself to the store ASAP to stock up. 
More Peep Marshmallow Goodies Now Available
If these cookies aren’t enough to satisfy your cravings for Peeps this Spring, lucky for you Peeps also came out with some brand-new treats. 
Like chocolate pudding? Try the Peeps chocolate pudding flavored marshmallow bunnies. Root beer more your thing? They’re also selling root beer flavored Peeps chicks. Looking for something extra spicy? Peeps Hot Tamales fierce cinnamon flavored are the thing you. There’s literally something for everyone… as long as you love Peeps marshmallows. (For even more of their new releases, get their full list here).
What if Peeps aren’t your favorite treat? You can still have fun using them in a science experiment, like this one
As for our household, Lofthouse cookies with Peep-flavored icing will be a huge hit for the kids. For me, I’ll stick with my Keto-friendly ice cream bars.

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