Physics stops for no man. We learn this early in life as we experience the effects of gravity, but I think sometimes we forget just how much physics plays a role in our everyday lives. For instance, how an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. The poor guy in this video learned that one the hard way. When these friends set up a gigantic slip-n-slide, they think they’re being smart by building a ramp at the top and a pool of water. For most people it does the trick…the water and the ramp act as the outside force in slowing the party goers down. Unfortunately, this big guy has just a little too much momentum in him to be stopped. Take a look! While I’m sure it was a fun ride, I’m guessing that landing sucked. Still, it was awesome to watch and that guy is never in his life going to forget that for about a second or two…he truly flew.

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