OMG! Have you seen Stairslide?  It turns your ordinary (and boring staircase) into the best thing ever…a giant slide! Not only is The Original Stairslide cool, but it is currently AVAILABLE.

The original Stairslide - shown are children sliding down the stairs on stairslide in their home.
The Original Stairslide is now in stock & available!!!

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Sliding Down the Stairs on StairSlide

This is something that was first discovered a couple of years ago and we got super excited about stairsliding until we realized the SlideRider wasn’t available. We kept checking back and writing updates…and finally, not only is Stairslide is in stock.


How many times when you were younger did you trying sliding down the stairs?

I know my brothers and I would try using laundry baskets and most of the time it just ending in one of us being hurt.

Well, that is about to change because Stairslide turns your stairs into a giant slide and I’m getting one.

It’s totally for my kids.

Just kidding, it’s for me. Ha!

Stairslide shown on a wooden stair case with child sliding down the middle of the stairs
Let’s slide down the stairs!

What is Stairslide?

“Turn your stairs into a slide with Stairslide! The patent-pending nesting design allows for unlimited extensions. Each long-lasting Stairslide section covers 3 stair steps; as long as you have enough Stairslides you can cover almost any staircase. And when you’re done with the fun just stack and store for later use!”

Stairslide, The Original Stairslide
How stairslide works diagram - how one slide covers three stairs and how to decide how many stair slides you might need
You just buy the number of slides you need to cover your stairs

How Does StairSlide Work?

Check out this video on how to set up and use Stairslide at your house:

Where to Buy StairSlide

The only place we can find Stairslide at this time is on the Stairslide website.

They have several Stairslide packs you can buy and are currently on sale:

  • The Original Stairslide – $74.50
  • The Original Stairslide, 2 pack – $149
  • The Original Stairslide, 3 pack – $229
  • The Original Stairslide, 4 pack – $269
  • The Original Stairslide, 6 pack – $405

Check out the website to see how to measure how many sections you will need for your stairs.

In The Beginning There Was SlideRider…

sliderider prototype that is no longer available
The SlideRider is not available.

This picture is from the The SliderRider that was shown a couple of years ago, but never produced for home use. 

SlideRider no longer available shows storage of the slide
SlideRider had storage

SlideRider covered the entire staircase and could be folded up into a large storage container at the top of your stairs.

Where Can I Buy a SlideRider?

The sad part was, the SlideRider was in a concept phase and was designed by a group of inventors at Quirky, but never went to production.

You can check out more about the concept behind SlideRider in this video…

We originally wrote about SlideRider in 2020 when the idea popped up, but I just went on an exhaustive internet search and the “coming soon” sales page on the Quirky website is showing a 404 error which is not promising.

And to date in 2022, there is no place to buy the SlideRider which made me sad until today..

…because I found The Original Stairslide!

Stairslide on carpeted stairs with 5 children sliding down the stairs on the slide
Sliding down the stairs is fun!

Find out more about Stairslide on their website!

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Do you need a SlideRider too?

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  1. Can’t wait for it to be out . Inform me wen it’s available. Looks awesome I have 6 grandkids that will love it.