Science Says December Babies Are The Best

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the holidays than with a new baby in tow. After all, a new baby does seem to be the ultimate holiday gift. And now my feelings are validated because Science Says December Babies Are The Best and I have to agree. 

december babies are the best

My husband is a December baby and while he seems to dislike it because people would celebrate his “birth-mas” (birthday and Christmas together) rather than separate the two, I always found it quite cool when he was born. His birthday is December 22 and he was taken home on Christmas Day. A Christmas baby? I think that is the ultimate coolness but that isn’t the scientific reason why December babies are the best.

reasons december babies are the best

According to a study published in the Journal of Aging Research, December babies are born with some pretty unique traits and tend to live longer than babies born in any other month.

“This study suggests that the December-born have a significantly higher risk of surviving up to age 105+ compared to the June-born (babies)”

december babies are the best according to science

So, if you know someone born in December, chances are, they will be living a long and prosperous life and possibly years beyond 100. 

“We developed a large sample of validated centenarians, their siblings, and spouses to study early-life seasonal effects on human longevity. We found significant associations between month of birth and longevity: individuals born in September–November have higher likelihood of becoming centenarians compared to March-born individuals. These results are consistent with the reports of higher life expectancy for persons born in the end of the year”

happy december baby

In addition to living longer, babies born between November – January were found to have unique traits such as being left-handed (prominently in males) although, that doesn’t seem to hold true for my husband who is right-handed. 

Other fun facts of December babies? Well, one report says that December babies are most likely to be rich and become dentists. Cha-Ching!

Reasons December Babies Are The Best:

  • Tend to live longer (100+ years old)
  • Have unique traits like being left-handed
  • December babies are rare (especially if born on December 24 or 25)
  • December babies seem to be less irritable
  • It is a magical time of the year to be born (my own personal insight)

Now, if you don’t have a December baby and are thinking of having another, you’d need become pregnant in March. Ha you’re welcome!

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  1. I’m in total agrreance with your husband. December birthdays are the worst! I was born on December 25th and I have always hated having my birthday on Christmas.

  2. I am born on December 21st and I think I’m doing pretty good! ? Not sure if I’ll live to 100, though

  3. I am born on December 21st and I think I’m doing pretty good! ? Not sure if I’ll live to 100, though

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