When it comes time to choose your baby’s name, you might be leaning towards a popular baby name, a retro baby name, a vintage baby name, or a Disney inspired baby name. The possibilities seem endless. That’s where this list of Baby Names That Are Illegal and Banned Around The World come in handy!

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What is in a baby name?

Illegal baby Names

Honestly, it’s just interesting to see which names are banned but it also helps so you don’t make the mistake of naming your baby these names!

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Although, I’ll be honest, I am not sure what some of these parents were thinking.

Either way, you’re welcome!

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My baby name could be illegal?

Banned Baby Names Outside of the United States

Now, before I share these lists of names, these names are said to be illegal or banned in different parts of the world for different reasons.

Most of the bans are outside the U.S. since the United States has pretty lenient laws surrounding baby names.

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Oh you cute little baby…name!

Why are Baby Names Banned?

Reasons for the baby name bans can include, the limit of characters (in the U.S. you can have up to 150 characters for a name!) to names that are copyrighted by brands/agencies.

Other reasons that baby names are illegal can include the meaning behind the name, if the name is considered a ‘slang’ word or even if the name is offending in any way.

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Why would you ban my name?

Oh and yes, all of these names at one time or another were submitted by parents to have their child named one of these names and were rejected by the country they live in.

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Baby Names That Are Illegal or Banned Around The World

Girl Names Banned:

  • Nutella (yes, like the spread)
  • Fraise
  • Talula
  • Metallica (yes, like the band)
  • Paris (Portugal)
  • Camilla (Iceland)
  • Mercedes (Switzerland)
  • Chanel (Swizterland)
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Oh sweet baby Nutella?

Boy Names Banned:

  • Prince William (yes as the full first name)
  • Gesher (means bridge)
  • Osama Bin Laden (yes, there is a case of parents trying to name their son this)
  • Robocop
  • Chief Maximus 
  • Harriet (in Iceland)
  • Elvis
  • Prince
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Oh sweet baby Lucifer?
  • King
  • Royal
  • Thor (Portugal) 
  • Friday (Italy)
  • Lucifer (Germany)
  • Wolf (Spain)
  • 1069 (U.S. because numerals in a name are not allowed)
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Oh sweet baby Chow Tow?

Gender Neutral Names Banned:

  • Akuma (means Devil in Japanese) 
  • Anal (yeah, nothing more to say here)
  • @ (yes, just a symbol)
  • Chow Tow
  • Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (Parents in Sweden tried to name their baby this and pronounce is Albin)
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Oh sweet baby LEGO?
  • Lego
  • IKEA (yes, like the store, Sweden says this is not okay)
  • Monkey
  • Saint (in New Zealand)
  • Nivana
  • Facebook
  • Cyanide (England)
  • Snake (Malaysia) 
  • J (Switzerland, must be longer than 1 letter)
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That baby name made me laugh!

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Which name surprised you the most? Honestly, several of these had my scratching my head and wondering why?! LOL.

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  1. My Daughters dog is also Akuma and he is also NO devil but he is an Americain Staffishshire
    My grand daughter is a Brooklyn as in the Bridge My Grandson is LJ all legal Elvis is legal as it is Arron Elvis Pressley’s name