Are you looking for fun things to do when your grandchildren visit? Then you’ve come to the right place!

From fun activities to simple learning resources, we’ve put together tons of ideas to make your time with your grandkids special.

grandkid activities - learning activities you can do with your grandchildren
Learning Activities You Can Do With Your Grandchildren

Learn a letter a week! Grab this massive resource of over 400 pages of letter fun. There are worksheets, games and coloring pages for every letter of the alphabet plus some fun bonuses.

Practice reading with a sight word beach ball via Kids Activities.

This alphabet learning activity is so simple you just need poster board and markers via Kids Activities.

Teach kids pronouns with this fun game via Kids Activities.

This button sorting activity is simple but perfect for little ones via About Family Crafts.

Help little ones practice tracing lines with these printables via Happy Brown House.

Practice building words using large blocks via The Printable Princess.

Teach your grandkids their shapes and letters with a learning binder via Typically Simple.

Play alphabet BINGO with your grandchildren via Crazy Little Projects.

Sort colored sticks with a simple activity via Learning and Exploring Through Play.

Make sticker names with your grandkids via Busy Toddler.

Play these letter and sounds learning games via Kids Activities.

grandkid - fun activities for when your grandkids visit

Fun Things To Do When Your Grandkids Visit

Turn cardboard boxes into cars and have a drive-in movie night! via Not Just a Housewife.

Help them practice their fine motor skills with this painting activity via Kids Activities.

Paint with ping pong balls for a unique piece of artwork via Kids Activities.

Glue shapes onto flip flops for a super fun way to paint via JDaniel4’s Mom.

Make a painted rock caterpillar for your garden via Nellie Bellie.

Go stargazing with a cardboard tube and star charts via Kids Activities.

Test what melts in the sun with this simple science experiment via Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

A lemon volcano is a fun science experiment for outside via Babble Dabble Do.

Bubble snakes are a fun outside activity! via One Little Project.

Make a bird feeder out of orange peels via Made with Happy.

Grab a ziplock bag and make a sensory bag via Kids Activities.

This lava lamp science experiment is so easy and fun via Little Bins for Little Hands.

grandkid activities

There are so many ways to have hands-on fun with your grandkids…but most of all, just spending time together is the best part.

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