Apparently Pool Popping Is A Thing, And People Get Really Into It! [Video]

It’s summer. And so hot. Like, SO hot.

Last year when it got this hot we decided to get a temporary pool. You know the kind: pvc piping, plastic, above ground. These pools are awesome because they let you enjoy cooling down in the summer, but they aren’t super permanent.

What the heck is pool popping?

Getting Rid of that Summer Pool

So unless you plan to spend all winter treating a pool that cost less than the chemicals it’ll take to treat it, most of us try to figure out a way to get rid of it once summer is over.

And, it turns out, there aren’t a lot of great ways to do that.

We drained ours, disassembled it and offered it online for free (no one took it) for anyone who wanted it.

Eventually it ended up by the curb.

Pool Popping is the Answer?

Now that I’ve watched this video, I kinda wish we’d had a little more fun getting rid of it!

These people are a little crazy, but they definitely have the right idea for how to say goodbye to that temporary summer pool. 

I mean, it also a waste of money so, I am in between on how I feel about this but seriously, if you have the cash to throw away at the end of the summer, it seems fun enough…

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What do you think about pool popping?


  1. Such a waste of money. Why wouldn’t you tear down and store it for next summer?? So dumb! And wasteful

  2. Really disappointed to see this post. In the current slim age situation advocating that something as large as a pool is single use plastic to be thrown away is appalling.

  3. We drain, clean and store for next year. I can’t imagine wasting money like that.

  4. Milesxsmith says:

    Thank you so much for this.

  5. This is insanely environmentally irresponsible.

  6. We did this 2 years ago but with one that we had for 5+ years that was springing holes in it as well. My kids loved it! However, I would never do this every year, that is a complete waste of money! We drain clean and store ours until they are beyond repair.

    1. Kristen Yard says:

      What a fun memory for your family, Sue!

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