This old man shows you are never too old to have a good time.

With a grocery bag hanging from his hip, and a tie hanging down from his neck, this older man has the time of his life dancing in the middle of a crowd.

He starts out with two women, but quickly becomes the star attraction as he shows that age is only a number.

Apparently, what started the recording was that he was dancing with a cane.

Just dancing in the middle of the crowd, having the time of his life, strutting his stuff.

Pretty soon he threw his cane aside so he could dance unencumbered and that’s when the recording started.

Take a look!

Funny Video of Old Guy Dancing in the Street

He is seriously having the time of his life out there, and he’s a reminder to all of us to enjoy what we’re doing, right?

I mean, how many times do we get the chance to dance and we just pass them up.

I think we should all be like this guy: throw our cane and dance like everyone’s watching.

Here are some more funny videos of our older generation showing that age is not dance skill dependent!

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