Traveling with kids is hard. They’re always bored, always hungry, always thirsty. Everyone wants to know when we’re getting there. No one wants to share the arm rest, and inevitably someone always gets sick. Sometimes even trips to the grocery store become major ordeals with kids. Especially when someone lets one loose and won’t admit to it. That’s what happened in this video. Who knows who actually sullied the car air, but SOMEONE pooted and no one wants to cop to it. So what happens is one of the little girls smells something…who knows if she’s the one who did it…and immediately blames her sister. Who, in turn, blames her back. Take a look!

My guess is it was mom or dad. Or they simply drove past something stinky. Still, watching these two argue over who farted is one of the funniest arguments I’ve ever seen. They genuinely don’t want to be blamed for it and neither is going down without a fight. Too funny!

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