When I was in sixth grade, my teacher liked to start each day by putting a puzzle up on the overhead projector (yes, we had those back in sixth grade…I’m old). Every day I’d sit there and try to figure out the puzzle before everyone else, but inevitably some smarty pants would beat me to the solution. The reward for a correct answer? A package of Smarties candy. I mean, we were talking big-time. Candy was NOT allowed in the classroom, so this illicit treat was huge. Because I never won, I became addicted to puzzles. Obsessed, even. And now? Now I’m pretty good at them. Still, these stumped me. I thought for sure I’d get each and every one of them correct, but I only got two. TWO! It’s like sixth grade all over again. My kid? Yeah, he got four. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to go out and buy him a package of Smarties later to commemorate. How do you think you’ll do? Take a look!


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