50 Plates, 10 Seconds – This Guy Is The Fastest Dish Washer On EARTH!

I love washing dishes…my kids hate it. I don’t know why I love it so much except that it’s a solid ten or so minutes I get completely to myself every single night. Seriously! My family will bug me in the bathroom, while I’m trying to sleep, if I’ve stepped outside to check the mail, while I’m picking up the back yard, but if I’m in the kitchen washing dishes, suddenly it’s like my house is empty. I mean, yes, sometimes I can still hear the kids fussing at each other, and I can certainly hear my hubby watching tv, but no one NO ONE bothers me while I’m doing dishes. Why? Because they know if they do they might get recruited into doing them, too. This guy? I don’t think he understands all that. In fact, if he did dishes at my house he’d never get a moment of peace. Take a look!

Yes, yes, it’s impressive, but I KNOW I’m not the only mom who uses dishes as an excuse to spend a little time alone. Apparently this guy doesn’t have kids…or he would go way slower. Way.

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