Dumb Vs. Smart Wiener Dog: Can Cage

As the puppy mama of three dogs I can attest that some dogs are, indeed, smarter than others. While my oldest dog is basically a genius among dogs, my youngest, well…he runs into a lot of things. And when he’s not running into things he falls head first into holes he himself, dug. Or, because he is who he is, he’s messing with my middle dog (who doesn’t like to be messed with, mind) and getting her riled up to the point that she puts him in his place. This pup, love of my life, is scared of water bottles, and sneezes, and zoobers, and I’m pretty sure I saw him faint at the sight of a grasshopper once. All this to say some dogs are, indeed, smarter than others…but those not-so-smart dogs are such sweet babies. My baby will never win contests for grace or bravery, but that pup is always at my side. And I love him for that. I’m guessing that’s how this ‘dumb dog’ is, too. Though, it’s pretty funny seeing that he can’t escape his ‘can cage’. Take a look!

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