14 Magical Fairy Gardens You Can Make

Fairy gardens are so much fun! The possibilities for these enchanting little gardens are endless. You can make them entirely yourself or buy some of the parts already made. They can be so small they fit in a pot or take up a huge spot under a backyard tree. It’s totally up to you.

My favorite ideas are right here – hopefully these can inspire your new DIY fairy garden!

14 Magical Fairy Gardens You Can Make

14 Magical Fairy Gardens You Can Make

Here is a simple way to start your own fairy garden with a basic wooden bird house. via Crafts by Amanda

Add a waterfall to your garden made out of hot glue! via Happiness Is Crafting

Make a tiny bench out of craft sticks! via Meatloaf and Melodrama

Grab a tiny fairy teepee from this awesome Etsy shop.

Or a babbling river!

Get a tire from a broken toy truck to make your fairy their own tire swing. via Happiness Is Homemade

14 Magical Fairy Gardens You Can Make

Here is an idea for finding the very best (and least expensive) fairy garden accessories! via Mom of the Year

This one is so fun! Total spent on this was under $40 as most of it is all handmade. via Mommy Moment

Use an old bird bath for the home of your new fairy garden. via Curly Crafty Mom

Or a tea cup! This tiny fairy garden is precious. via Life is a Party

Turn a normal planter into a secret fairy garden with this fun craft. via Crafts Unleashed

14 Magical Fairy Gardens You Can Make

This fairy garden inside a fish bowl is perfect to keep inside the house. via Be A Fun Mum

Head for the beach and set up camp in the sun. This beach theme garden is my favorite! via Joann

And finally, if fairies aren’t your thing, check out this dinosaur garden! via The Imagination Tree


  1. I just love fairy gardens and the kids love them too. I could never get the plants to survive though. I end up digging them out because one or more of the plants start dying 🙁

  2. All the fairy gardens are just beyond awesomeness, has given new idea to make gardens. bebbling river , i love the most. I am trying to make the chairs and tables for the garden, with the sticks and barks. So, excited to furnish it, by taking some inspiration through your creations.

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