Toddler Picks Last Minute Hiding Place

I’m not sure how fair it is playing hide and seek with a toddler, but it sure is adorable. For one, toddlers love games – all games. They just want to play and play and then snack, and play some more. So, sure, hide and seek seems like the perfect option, but thing is…toddlers aren’t the best hiders. They haven’t got that sneaky side down to an art form yet. Sure, when it comes to things like spilling powder all over a room or painting the walls with butt cream, they’re sneaky little pros, but hiding? Not so much. Take a look!

Even though she isn’t the best hider, I love that she tried so hard. She took the entire counting time to pick the perfect hiding spot. And sure, it happens to be in the first place dad is going to look for her, but I’m guessing they have years of hide and seek to come. So all I can really say is this: get ready, dad…this one’s gonna be a pro before you know it. And until then, maybe pretend not to see her when she’s hiding next to your feet.

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