There are some songs that you just have to dance to. This is one of them. “Can’t Stop The Feeling” gets me moving every single time I hear it, doesn’t matter where I am. I could be in my car, in the grocery store, doesn’t matter…this song just makes me MOVE. But I’m not alone! This daddy and daughter duo love to put together their own dance routines for songs, and this is one of their best ever! From the way they look dancing, you can tell they’re as much in love with this song as I am. But the best part? I absolutely love watching them spend this time together dancing. It’s amazing to see them having such a great time in each other’s company. Take a look!

There are a lot of songs that make you feel like dancing, but watching a six-year-old and her father shake it to this one makes it even more amazing than it was before. I hope they keep this up for years to come. I can only see them getting better!

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