Teen Saves Cheerleader From Heartbreaking Moment

Addie Rodriguez is a trouper. With her dad serving in the military 1700 miles away, she does her best to keep a smile on her face and do as much for her family as she can. But sometimes even cheerleaders have a bad day. See, Addie misses her dad. A lot. Who wouldn’t? And while she does her best, sometimes things happen that remind her of just how hard it is to not be able to have her dad at her side. In a recent tribute during a cheer event, all the cheerleader dads came out of the stands and lifted their daughters on their shoulders. Only Addie stood out from the rest, with her father unable to attend. That’s when Matthew Garcia, a senior at the high school, raced down from the stands, jumped over a fence and saved the day. Take a look!

After a brief conversation, Matthew hoisted Addie to his shoulders and stood in for a father who would have been there if he could. What an incredible young man, and such a brave young girl.

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