Man Finds Mysterious Room In Home, Complete With Hidden Treasure

When Ricardo Bush and his wife decided to renovate their home, they had no idea they’d discover a treasure more precious than gold or silver. Behind the walls, hidden for decades, was a room with two steamer trunks. Inside, pictures and letters written in Polish and Russian. Bush knew this was something special and set about finding the family these belonged to. With the help of a news station, word soon got out and genealogists from around the world pitched in to find the family to whom these treasures belonged. Take a look!

70-year-old Kathy Nedaliz-Zakrzewski had no idea what to expect when her ex-husband called her out of the blue one day, but the call changed her life. See, Kathy had grown up in that home with her parents and grandparents and the pictures and letters inside those trunks were from her long-passed, beloved grandfather. Her own father passed away in the 1990’s and these pictures and letters are some of the only records of her grandfather…and a treasure she never knew existed.

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