Baby Laughs Like A Sheep, And It Could Not Be Cuter!

Every baby is unique, and each of them definitely has something that makes them stand out. For my daughter it was the way she always squinted her eyes when she smiled, even from a really young age. I have no idea where she got it from, but it’s like she couldn’t smile without squinting her eyes, too. Which made each smile even cuter, because it looked like she was giving a cheesy camera smile every single time she was happy…which was all the time. It’s something I’ve never seen another baby do, and I absolutely love telling her stories about it and showing her pictures now. For this baby, it’s his laugh. This baby sounds like a sheep when he laughs and it could not be any cuter. Take a look!

Just like I’ve never seen another baby squint like my sweet daughter, I’ve never heard another baby who sounded like a sheep when they laughed. It makes me want to laugh just hearing it. And the more his daddy messes with him, the more he laughs. What a little ham!

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