Swim Team Passes Time By Playing On Airport Moving Walkway

Waiting at the airport is about the most boring thing in the world. You can only people watch for so long before you start to wonder which of these unwashed miscreants is going to be seated next to you, and how loudly they’re going to snore during the entire duration of the flight. For this college swim team, though, waiting was anything but boring! Once they saw there was a moving walkway, the girls jumped into action and quickly made their own fun. Take a look!

Honestly I would never have thought to do any of these things and it cracks me up that they did. I think it probably cracked up their fellow passengers, too. The bicycle was by and far one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time and though these girls might have been bored when they started, there is no way they were bored doing all this! Thanks for the laugh, girls! Hope you had a great flight!

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