Free Fun – Summer Inspired Printable Sewing Cards

A fun set of three little sewing cards your children will love…… all the while being an excellent activity for developing fine motor skills and improving hand-eye coordination and concentration.

A quick download, paper punch, thread and a kid-safe needle is all it takes for elemental age children to enjoy this fun activity. They make for a great ‘take-along’ activity for family holidays and road trips too.

Easy Sewing Patterns for Little Beginners

Try cross hatching, running stitch and edging – it’s up to the kids how they want to follow the punched holes.

free printable sewing cards

To make your sewing cards you will need
download the set of three sewing cards here
– a printer and some 200/220gm white card
– hole punch (or just push an empty pen or sharp object through the holes if you don’t have a punch)
– wool
– blunt needle

Tip: For younger kids make the holes a little bigger and you can capture some wool inside a small piece of pipe cleaner and bend it to form a “needle.” Super safe! or if you don’t have either then just wrap the threading end of the wool with a little sellotable (clear adhesive tape).

Tie a big knot at one end of the wool or use a button as a stopper.

Please always keep an eye on your little ones as they sew, even with a blunt needle.

free printable sewing cards

free printable sewing cards free printable sewing cards

Our free printable files are for personal use only.

Happy sewing kids

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