Best Hiccup Cure? We Found How to Get Rid of Hiccups!

How to get rid of hiccups has been a question in my house ever since my oldest son was born 12 years ago.  All three of the boys {and myself} are hiccup prone.

We have tried almost everything from drinking LOTS of water, holding our breath, drinking upside-down and even a spoonful of sugar.

Incidentally, my kids favorite hiccup cure is the spoonful of sugar, but it unfortunately it has proved to be the least effective!

Up until we learned the secret, the best method was being scared out of hiccups.  But once you realize someone is going to scare you, you don’t get scared.

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How We Learned About the Hiccup Cure

We were on vacation staying at a roadside hotel in Amarillo, TX on our drive from Texas to Colorado.  The hotel had a buffet breakfast which we were inhaling {foreshadow alert} before the long trip ahead.

My 10 year old had the hiccups.

He was walking {hiccup} around the {hiccup} buffet choosing the food {hiccup} he was going to {hiccup} eat when a stranger {hiccup} approached him.

“Do you want me to show you how to get rid of those?” 

Startled by being approached by a stranger scared the hiccups out of him!  But that is NOT the cure I am talking about.

The man’s wife approached and announced that they knew the secret to 100% hiccup cure to date.  They were a retired couple also traveling and they swore that this was grandkid-tested.  We chatted for awhile.  They shared the secret and I thanked them.

Ever since that day, we have used this hiccup ridding method and it has been 100% effective for us too!

OK already!  Tell us how to get rid of hiccups!

Best Hiccup Cure

It is a simple two-step process:

  1. The person with the hiccups drinks a beverage WHILE
  2. Another person stands behind him/her and pulls DOWN gently on both the hiccuper’s ear lobes.

It works pretty quickly.  Usually a few swallows in, the hiccups disappear.

That is it!


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