No one likes having the hiccups, but as an adult at least we feel we can do something about it. Drink a glass of water. Hold our breath. Swallow a tablespoon of water – upside down – while signing the alphabet backwards. Whatever your ‘cure’ is, we feel like we can at least do SOMETHING about them. But babies? Babies just have to go through them and hope for the best. And it stinks. Especially if they’re so little that they haven’t figured out what’s going on yet. That’s exactly what happens to this tiny infant. At one week old, she’s barely figured out where the food is coming from, and suddenly she’s struck with her first round of hiccups. Her reaction? Adorable perplexion. Take a look!

I wish I looked this adorable when I had hiccups! Not that I’d wish them on anyone, but this cutie handles them with grace and even though they seem to confuse her, she seems to accept this as part of her new life at the end. Adorable!

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