A Dozen Homemade Christmas Treats

One of the things I love the most about the holidays are all the sweets!

Christmas has always meant a full cookie jar and something that we were going to create together – as a family.

Here are just some of the ideas and recipes which have inspired us from around the web.  We hope to make some of these recipes together this holiday season.

12 Tasty Christmas Treats

Homemade Christmas Treats

  1. Make a layered peppermint mousse.  To me, nothing says Christmas like the sweet taste of mint!
  2. What a fun way to serve drinks at a Christmas party, use large plastic ornaments as the “cups”.  Your kids will think it is so silly to drink with the ornaments!  When you are finished, rinse them out and use them in a ornament craft.
  3. Transform a punch bowl of eggnog into a jolly snowman!
  4. Do you have left over candy corn from Halloween??  Use it to bring some life, changing powdered sugar donuts into adorable snowmen.
  5. Popcorn is great as a Christmas decoration – we like to string popcorn on our trees as a winter snack for the birds, and this sounds like a lovely snack to do with the leftovers!  Make a batch of peppermint Popcorn.
  6. These are a super easy gift for your child to make – the finished product looks stunning!  Push a peppermint stick into a marshmallow, dip into white chocolate and add sprinkles. Yummm!   Gift your Marshmallow Stirrers with a jar of homemade hot coco mix.
  7. Another super easy treat for your kids to make – Christmas Cookie Crunch.  Thinly pour white chocolate onto a lined baking sheet, layer with cookies, bits of candy, etc.  Pour more white chocolate over the cookies.  Let it cool and break apart – gift as bark from the North Pole.
  8. I have yet to make my own marshmallows.  Each year it is on our Christmas “Bucket List”.  This year, we hope to try this recipe from Celiac Teen and make some Peppermint Marshmallows.
  9. Use strawberries to create a fun Santa cake – the strawberries are the hats.
  10. Enjoy a glass of Hot chocolate together – here are over 20 different recipes of hot coco that we’ve collected around the net:
  11. Do you live in a place that is pretty warm at Christmas time??  Bring the cold to you with this festive treat.  Freeze some grapes on a skewer for your kids to nibble on.
  12. Are you on-the-go a lot over Christmas?  We are.  Homemade granola bars are the perfect grab-and-go treat.  Add some dried cranberry and orange rind for a festive flavor.

What treats are you going to create with your kids?


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