easy homemade applesauce

This super easy homemade applesauce recipe is a family tradition.  I suspect it was what I lived on the first year or two of life.  I remember applesauce being a major food group of my childhood.

applesauce bowls

The homemade applesauce recipe is so easy, it only has 3 ingredients…

How to Make Homemade Applesauce:

1. Wash the apples – I am using a bag of Granny Smith apples here, but any apple that is good for cooking will work great for applesauce.

wash the apples for applesauce

2.  Quarter the apples – There is no need to de-seed or de-skin.

apple quarters for applesauce recipe

3.  Add 3-4 inches of water to pan full of apple quarters – You can cook the apples covered or uncovered.  I usually leave uncovered since they are less likely to boil over and make a mess on my stove.

applesauce apples on stove

4.  Cook until apples are soft – Some apples will keep their shape even though they are soft.  Some apples like these Granny Smith just melt into a big apple-y mess.  These cooked about 25 minutes.

applesauce apples are soft

5.  Add cooked apples to food mill and applesauce magically appears – Food mills are relatively inexpensive (I think I paid $12 for mine close to 20 years ago) and a few round-n-rounds will create applesauce before your very eyes.

applesauce in food mill

6.  Add cinnamon and sugar to taste – These apples were pretty tart so I ended up adding 1 1/2 to 2 cups of sugar and approximately 4 T of cinnamon.  The cinnamon eliminated the greenish tint of the Granny Smith sauce.

applesauce in bowl


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