How to Make a Bike Rack

How to make a bike rack was something we decided we needed to learn…and fast!

Our garage was a crazy pile of bikes.  With our six kids (and multiple sizes of bikes waiting to be “handed-down”), our garage looked like bikes were having babies.

Bikes were everywhere.

How to make a bike rack for kids

How To Make a Bike Rack

We made our bike rack 6 across – and with gaps between the big bikes, wide enough to fit tricycles or a bike with training wheels.

Supplies you will need:

*All PVC pipe that we used was an inch in diameter*

For every bike “section” – excluding the ends – you will need:

  • 2 – 13″ long poles.
  • 8 – T Connectors
  • 4 – insert connectors
  • 2 – 10″ long lengths
  • 5 – 8″ long lengths

For each “end” you will replace 3 of the T connectors with Elbow pieces.

Photo below is the supply list needed for a 6-bike rack.

Ever wonder how to make a bike rack?  Check out this DIY bike rack for kids!

DIY Bike Rack

We started with the frame and then added the “rest” portion.  The directions we used to create our rack we found and adapted from the Utah Mountain Biking club.  These directions were made for a truckbed.

To make the frame, start with the elbow piece, add a long piece into the elbow, a T and the 10″ length.  Then add another elbow.  You should have an “end pole” finished.  Make two of these.

Using the “T” piece, add a long length to the T, add another T, then a 10″ length and another “T”.  Create as many of these as the sections “poles” you will need.  Use the connectors and the 8″ lengths to connect the poles together until you have a frame made.  To the center T’s add the 8″ segment so that the rack can lean back on them.


how to make a bike rack

We did not use any PVC pipe adhesive to attach the pipes together.  Often we had to hammer them into place.  As we did not have a rubber mallet, we used an phone book as a cushion to protect the pipe and a regular hammer.  The pieces fit pretty snug and should we decide that the bike unit it too big (or too small) we can easily adapt it.

My directions did not do this project justice.  Please visit the original DIY Bike Rack post if you are confused.  I loved the diagrams he included.

How many bikes do you have in your garage?

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