{It’s Playtime} Activity Bags for Quiet Play!

This week we are featuring TONS of Invitations to Play that you can put into a paper bag.

We have used these for a Christmas countdown activity in the past to count down to Christmas each day of the December Holidays your children can open a bag and enjoy something fun to do together…but it works great as a quiet time activity too!

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DIY Activity Bag Ideas for Kids

  1. Sandpaper + Crayons + White Shirt = Wearable art.
  2. Straw + Tape + Bubble “Juice” = Straw Bubble Shooter.
  3. Tin Foil + Sharpie Markers = Reflective Art.
  4. Tape Measure + List = Math & Measuring Fun
  5. Scissors + White Paper = Paper Snowflakes
  6. Baking Soda + Cornstarch + water = Homemade Model Magic
  7. Rice + Rubbing Alcohol + Food Dye = Colorful Rice.
  8. Three Colors of Chalk + Sunny Day = Out door Twister Game.
  9. Painters Tape + Walls = Indoor Obstacle Course
  10. Velcro + Craft Sticks = Homemade Fun.
  11. Marbles = Play Marbles.
  12. Crayon bits + Ice cube tray = New Colorful Crayons
  13. Painters Plastic + Tape = Big Bubble Play
  14. Tin Juice Lids + Nail + Hammer = Punched Tin Art.
  15. Paper Towels + Food Dye + Water = Tie Dye Towels
  16. Handful of Pennies + Baggie + Water = Buoyancy experiments.
  17. Cork + Needle + Thread =  Handmade Necklace.
  18. Pipe Cleaners + Mirror = Pipe Cleaner Disguises
  19. Bubble “Juice” + Yarn + Chopsticks = Giant Bubble Maker
  20. Shaving Cream + Bathtub = Bath Paint.
  21. Marshmallows + Toothpicks = Edible Architecture.

If you are making them for a countdown to Christmas, here is a peek at what ours looked like!

Activities for kids - in a bag

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Here are More Fun Play Ideas!

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