{Fall Craft} Red Barn

This fall craft is easy to make and uses basic household items like paper plates, paint, and construction paper.

fall craft

Fall Craft

The fall is filled with wonderful symbols. There are black cats, bats, pumpkins, leaves and bundles of hay to name a few. My family loves to visit a local apple and pumpkin farm that has a red barn filled with many of these symbols. Well, maybe not the bats or at least I haven’t seen them there.

I thought it would be fun to create a fall craft with a paper plate red barn and place many of the symbols of fall on it.

Supplies Needed:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • red paint
  • a balled up paper towel
  • black construction paper
  • symbols of fall cut out of construction paper
  • two paper plates

Red Barn

  red barn

We started by placing one paper plate on top of the other and cut out the outline of a barn. Then we cut a main doors and loft doors out of one of the plates.

painting a red barn fall craft

We used  a balled up paper towel to paint the paper plate with the doors cut into it.  The paper towel gave then paint an old and wrinkled feel. JDaniel didn’t really want to grasp the balled up towel. He just let it hang from his fingers. I think it actually gave a fun look to the paint.

fall craft barn activity

When the painted plate  had dried, we glued the painted plate to the front of the unpainted plate.  Then add we added the symbols of fall to the red plate and behind the doors.


We went with a bat, a cat, a pumpkin, and a bundle of corn to give the red barn a fall craft theme. You could add farm animals in and around the red barn if you didn’t want it to have a fall theme.

To give the red barn‘s paint a different look you could use a paint brush or sponge instead. We  like the rag look the balled up paper towel gave the paint.

I outlined the pumpkin and the cornstalk along with giving them a few details. Outlining details really helped dress them up.

This red barn is so cute and fun to make.  For more kids activities and fall craft ideas, you might want to check out these other ideas from the Quirky Mommas:


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