Art For Kids: Sponge Painting


Sponge Painting Painting never seems to get old for my kids, but sometimes it’s nice to break out of our routine and try alternative painting techniques and materials.

Sponge Painting fits the bill nicely.  What I love about making Sponge Prints is that it’s cheap – all you need to do is use a spare kitchen sponge you have on hand or get a pack of 3 for $1.00 in the dollar Target bins, like we did.  And it’s easy – just swap out your regular brush with a sponge.  Plus, it’s super-squishy, which means it’s super fun!


  • a kitchen sponge
  • paint
  • painting surface (e.g., paper, cardboard, etc.)


Jane loved blending several colors together to experiment with different patterns and testing out various angles and amounts of pressure to see what she could come up with.


It was the perfect activity for us to discuss the concept of absorption, which we’ve been doing all week.

We talked about:

  • How the color soaked into the sponge
  • What happened when she pressed the sponge onto the paper
  • Why the sponge could only hold so much paint
  • How her prints looked different depending on how much paint was on the sponge or how hard/lightly she pressed down


To extend this activity for some summer fun, try making Sponge Prints with plain water or throwing water-soaked sponges onto an outdoor painting surface, like a wall, sidewalk, fence, or deck.  You could also try making Sponge Splatter Prints by dropping paint-soaked sponges onto your paper, too.

What different painting techniques or materials have you and your child tried lately?

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