These kids art projects are absolutely beautiful. Of course, we love each and every thing our child makes, but these fun ideas are especially wall worthy.

If you’re looking for a new art project to try to fill up all that space on your walls, we have a bunch!

21 Kids Art Projects That Are Wall Worthy

21 Kids Art Projects That Are Wall Worthy

This post contains affiliate links.  Watercolor Art – Your kids can easily make Watercolor Art with markers and water. Who knew Crumpled Paper Art could be so pretty? Loving this idea from Buggy and Buddy. Cloud Art is inspired by one of our favorite Eric Carle books, Little Cloud, this art project is so fun. Use aluminum foil, markers and string for this colorful Aluminum Foil Art project, from Lasso The Moon. Make a Stained Glass Butterfly without the glass! Glue and paint make such a lovely piece of Glue Resist art! via The Artful Parent. Blow bubbles to create Soap Bubble Art! This is so much fun for kids to make. 21 Kids Art Projects That Are Wall Worthy

Quick Art Projects for Kids

Paint with your favorite colors and then add a cut out nautical shape on top, to make this Watercolor Nautical Art, from Silhouette School Blog. Salt Art is an easy and fun craft to do when you’re in a hurry! Just combine salt and paint for awesome results! Have a grown up paint a basic tree design on a canvas, and let the little ones glue on buttons for leaves to make this Button Tree, from Crafts by Amanda. Use just your fingerprints to make Crafty Morning‘s Fingerprint Poppy Flowers! Did you know you can use milk to paint? Check out Babble Dabble Do‘s Marbled Milk Paper tutorial! Paint with styrofoam and use a pencil to create a design on top with Art Bar‘s Styrofoam Printing. Grab your favorite colors of tissue paper and a water bottle and make Tissue Paper Art, from Kids Craft Room. 21 Kids Art Projects That Are Wall Worthy

Simple Arts and Crafts Ideas

Draw hearts on watercolor paper and let your kids paint inside to make Meri Cherry‘s Bleeding Hearts Art. Use this free printable from The Crafty Classroom to make Seahorse Art. It really makes such a beautiful stained glass effect. Small for Big‘s Sunburst Paintings are so satisfying to make! Use a ruler to draw a sunburst patter,  and then color it in. Babble Dabble Do‘s Paper Weaving is a simple art project that is also great for fine motor skills! It’s Always Autumn‘s Tissue Transfer Art is another amazing watercolor effect with tissue paper. I can’t wait to try this! Citrus Stamped Canvas art, from Mommy Media, is so fun! Dip lemons and limes in paint and use them as a stamp. This no-mess Shake It Up Painting project from Sunny Day Family is perfect for little artists. 21 Kids Art Projects That Are Wall Worthy

Fun with Art

Art projects are one activity (try shaving cream art) that seems to unite kids of every age! Here are some tips and projects to try: What is your most treasured art project that a child has made for you? Comment below! 

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