Pipe Cleaner Disguises

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 One little goofy pipe cleaner mustache started it all! An afternoon of fun for the whole family.

You never know where one’s imagination will take you.

You see the other day the big kids were looking for something to do. So, I got out the pipe cleaners and a few other arts & crafts supplies and let them take it from there. We started out simply trying to see what we could create with pipe cleaners. We braided them into bracelets, make pipe cleaner characters,  then came the mustache!

Then came the real fun!

From there, there were glasses, which led to a hat, which turned into an entire costume. The task quickly became for everyone to make a disguise.

We had a pirate

(cutest little pirate I’ve ever seen)

And some kind of bearded super hero/detective that seemed to also resemble Harry Potter.

Wait! Everything is better with googly eyes!
Yes, even Dad & I got in on the act but I will spare you the pictures of my cat woman disguise.
Instead I will leave you with two characters we created (per Miss K – aka – the pirate) who insisted I share.  Please meet…. Pipe Cleaner Man who Slightly Resembles the Lorax (yes that’s his whole name &  The Ugly Chicken. I know. Don’t ask.)
So there you have it! A little creativity from our oldest two.  I hope we’ve inspired you!


G’day Matey!

Who doesn’t love playing with pipe cleaners?

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