How to Make Coffee Filter Bugs and Flowers

coffe filter1 This is a great activity to teach our kids color, what bugs need to eat (nectar) as well as the important roll of bugs as pollinators.  All while having fun with a craft project!

Materials Needed:

-coffee filters or paper towel cut into circles

– watery tempera paint or food coloring and water

– Pipe cleaners

To do:  Dip different parts of the coffee filter into various bowls of paint so that each filter becomes multi colored. When dry use pipe cleaners to turn the filters into beautiful, colorful butterflies and flowers.

Learning Opportunities: coffee filter bugs

-notice how the colors mix with one another and makes new colors

– talk about the relationship between pollinators, such as butterflies, and flowers. Watch this video (about 8 min long) for some really great information about bugs and footage of pollinators. The information in the video is aimed at middle school children so you may want to just watch it as a fantastic review and glean the information you think is most applicable.

– and the video below shows several different types of bugs, including bees, butterflies, beetles, and flies, while they help pollinate flowers.  If you listen closely you can hear birds chirping in the background!

This activity is part of our insect/bug learning unit.  For more activities click the link below:

Bugs Theme

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