1. Paint rock “bugs”
  2. Go on a bug hunt in your backyard
  3. Use bugs to paint.   Grow fly larva/maggots, dip them in paint and watch them move, can also use earth worms for this art project.
  4. Watch an ant mound (not fireants).   Burn ants with a magnifying glass
  5. Watch bugs with magnifying glass.
  6. Make bugs, butterflies and flowers with this coffee-filter craft
  7. Identify a variety of bugs (moths, caterpillars, worms, beetles, ants, spiders, etc.)
  8. Color bugs
  9. Create caterpillars with egg cartons and other recycled materials
  10. Paint a symmetry butterfly picture.   Fold paper in half paint one half of the butterfly and fold over while the paint is wet to make a mirror image butterfly
  11. Work on motor skills by playing “Pin the wing on the Butterfly” (using coffee filters), or “Pin the legs on a Spider” (using pipe cleaners).
  12. Create ants, caterpillars or ladybugs with a felt shapes mat.
  13. Make dirt pudding and bury candy bugs in it.
  14. Create an imaginary insect (how many legs will it have? what type of body? will it have wings?   What will it eat?   Where will it live? etc.)

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