Watching baby animals grow is one of the joys of having pets. Whether we adopted them, or they adopted us, those animals become as much a part of our families as our own children. No, the struggles of pets and children are not the same, but that doesn’t make the joy of owning them any less. I’ve adopted all of my animals, some as babies, some a little older, and it’s always been incredible watching their personalities develop as they got older. This kitten, especially, loves his owner. You can tell from the way the kitten looks at him that there is a bond there that other people might never understand. Take a look! It’s like those two are going to be besties for life. Definitely for the life of the kitten. There is something so incredible about that strong bond that develops, and seeing how much this little guy loves his human reminds me even more that with the right human, animals can feel just as much love for us as we feel for them.

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