You Won’t Believe How This Cat Reacts To Her Owner’s Pregnancy!

Animals can sense things that we can’t. Like when my dogs hear someone driving up and I have no idea until someone is at the door. Or the way cats stare at the wall because they can sense something there, and to us it seems like they’re just staring at ghosts or into space. Cats, especially, seem to be able to sense changes in us before we can. When I was pregnant with my son, my oldest cat (who was mostly unsociable otherwise) decided his favorite place to sleep was in my lap. More specifically, against my belly. He started doing this before I ever knew I was pregnant. It’s like he just knew. This kitty reacts in a similar way and it’s magical to watch. Take a look!

I don’t know if it’s that they can hear things we can’t, or sense that our hormones have changed, or what it is, but when animals react like this it always blows my mind and makes me appreciate nature even more. How incredible that they are able to connect to us in a way that we can never train them to.

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