I hate to say it, but winter is on its way. As a midwesterner, I know just how miserable the cold weather can be, so I wanted to share these winter hacks. If you are shivering cold like I am, or thawing your car out for 30 minutes every morning, these are going to be life-savers! (affiliates included) 14 Genius Winter Hacks To Save The Day

14 Genius Winter Hacks To Save The Day

Keep the ice from sticking to your snow shovel by spraying it with cooking spray. via The Krazy Koupon Lady If you get really cold at night, put a hot water bottle at the foot of your bed. via Huffington Post If you find yourself becoming sad and lethargic during the cold, dark days, try an ion therapy lamp. Remove pilling from your sweaters by shaving it! via eHow Make this quick and simple DIY car de-icer that works like magic. via Mom 4 Real 14 Genius Winter Hacks To Save The Day When sitting at home use an electric blanket instead of turning up the heat – it uses much less energy! Turn an old pair of knee socks into arm warmers to wear under your coat. via Run Wiki Help keep your home warm in the evening by leaving your oven open slightly after you are done cooking to let the hot air fill the room. via Pioneer Settler 14 Genius Winter Hacks To Save The Day Make DIY fire starters for your fire place with egg cartons and dryer lint. via Twine and Table If you are freezing at outdoor sporting events, grab one of these heated cushions that can be used on folding chairs and bleachers. Protect your canvas shoes (like Converse and Toms) from getting ruined in the wet snow with this simple hack. via Raining Hot Coupons Make it easier to defrost your car in the morning by parking so your windshield faces the east – that way the sun will start working for you! 14 Genius Winter Hacks To Save The Day If you spend time outside sledding or playing and your cheeks get chapped, use this great DIY cheek stick. via One Good Thing By Jillee Make sure you keep your warm air in and the cold air out with a door draft stopper. These are a winter must-have!

Want some more easy hacks?

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    This is a great list of ideas. I especially like the de-icer!

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  2. This is amazing! I moved from Louisville Ky to the far south to get away from the cold, so I understand some of these issues. Thanks for sharing for the Home Matters Link Party

  3. Such great ideas! our To grandma’s house we go link party starts over at our place tomorrow morning, would love to see you there!