Playing board games together is one of our family’s favorite past times.   This is the an article in a series of top 10 best family board games. <–You can see the entire list with all the details there. Top 10 Board Games named by Kids Activities Blog for family game night   This is the top family board games list so far:

Top 10 Board Games for Families:

10. Streetcar 9.   Empire Builder

best board games monopoly sets8.   Best Family Board Game: Monopoly

Buy the Monopoly Board Game HereMonopoly Board Game Board Game Designer: Charles Darrow Publisher: Parker Brothers Players: 2 -8 Time: 120+ Age: 8+ (My recommendation: 7+) Fun to Age Ratio: 10 Type: Real Estate Strategy——–x-Luck I know what you’re thinking – Monopoly?!   What kind of gamer’s list includes Monopoly?   Well, mine.   It may barely fit into the category of strategy game, but it is the granddaddy of board games and still can be really fun to play for a wide variety of ages. I expect everyone knows the game, so I won’t get into a gameplay description.   The common criticism of Monopoly is that it goes way too long because of its last man standing denouement.   That’s right, I used the word denouement.   Actually, you should be able to get a good game in by 2 hours if you follow a few words of advice:
  • First, get your fastest, most focused and math-intensive player to act as banker.
  • Second, don’t dawdle.   Pass the dice quickly.   You can have fun without inane chit-chat (actually that rule applies to any game you play with me, which is why I ™m called the board game fun police ).
  • And third, aside from a few slight tweaks discussed below, FOLLOW THE RULES.   No free money on Free Parking.   No free hits as debt payment.   Those types of changes delay player bankruptcy and subsequently lengthen the game.
best board games monopolyAs for the tweaks, one thing our family has done is eliminate the $1 bills.   Just round everything to the nearest $5.   It affects the game very little and speeds up banking considerably.   Another thing to consider is once the game is down to two players, you could set an ending point such as X number of times around the board and the player with most assets wins.   Or just let them duke it out as quickly as they can but it can be a tough watch for those who are already out. There are tons of Monopoly versions out there.   I know, I have a bad habit of collecting them.   Try to stick with just a plain ol’ Monopoly board.   I find if you have a good banker you can play faster than with the electronic credit card system, which I think is unintuitive and clunky.   But if you like it, go for it. Most importantly, revisit this classic family game.   It might surprise you. iPhone/iPod/iPad editions are available.


Check out all the details on the family game Acquire as our top pick for best family games to play on family game night! #2 Settlers of Catan #3 Ticket to Ride #4 Elasund #5 Puerto Rico #6 Carcassonne #7 Railways of the World


What is your family’s favorite board game to play together?

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