These shoe hacks are going to come in so handy. I have so many pairs that are dirty or stained that I thought were trash – now I have new ways to clean them! Plus, there’s lots of other great shoe hacks here, too.

Make sure you save this list for the next time you have a shoe emergency!

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16 Brilliant Shoe Hacks

16 Brilliant Shoe Hacks

Are your suede boots a mess from the snow last winter? Here is how to clean them up. via One Good Thing by Jillee

Spice up an old pair of heels by adding glitter to the soles. Love this! via Examiner

Or add sparkle and fun to the strap of your wedges. via Miss Kris

If you have smelly shoes, here is a simple and quick way to get rid of the odor. via Love and Marriage

Waterproof your shoes with one simple ingredient. I wish I’d known this trick sooner! via

Oh no! Did your heel break? Pop on a Quick Tip and you are ready to go.

If your new shoes need to be broke in quick, here is the best way to get it done. Such a smart little hack! via Better Remade

Fix your kids laces so they will stay in place all day! Perfect for school aged kids that haven’t quite mastered shoe tying yet. via Make It Love It

16 Brilliant Shoe Hacks

More Shoe Hacks

Or try Hickies. These no tie laces are really fun!

Prevent blisters by using deodorant! I’m trying this trick ASAP. via Total Beauty

Here is the secret to removing scuffs from patent leather shoes. This is so smart. via Yes Missy

If you’re a runner, these lace tricks can be a huge pain reliever. via Skinny Mom

White soles of sneakers can be really hard to brighten up once they get dirty. Here is a super smart way to clean them up. via eHow

And here is how to get rid of grass stains! via eHow

16 Brilliant Shoe Hacks

My daughter’s ballet shoes area always dirty and they’re so hard to clean. Use this bathroom ingredient to make them look new again. via Pinterest

If the bottoms of your shoes are slippery, use sandpaper to fix it. via Real Simple

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