The Kids ™ Plan

My boys were   playing outside in the yard.   As you may have gathered from my previous beaver trapping issues, there are several places in the yard that has water.

The water isn't deep.   More like a shallow stream that may or may not be moving and a 1 foot deep pond area that is fed by a very lazy spring.

I try to keep the boys out of the water, not really for their safety, but for my sanity.

Laundry makes me crazy.

Anyway,   I looked over to the pond area and see only 1/2 of two of my children.   I run over to get a closer look and they are perched on the rocks where their feet are just skimming the water, but they are dry.

Reid slipping into pond

Stop!   What are you doing?   You are going to fall into the pond!

Rhett(3):   Mom.   We have a plan.

What is your plan?

It is the kids ™ plan.

What is the kids ™ plan?

You are a mom.   You are not part of the plan.

About 3o seconds later I look over to see this ¦

Reid and Ryan fighting

That must have been part of the kids ™ plan too.

But, if you are going to wrestle then protective headgear would definitely be part of the Mom's plan.


  1. Oh I love that your boys are so much like my boys. Moms of boys I think are given a special brain….they are just so much different than girls 🙂

  2. Ahhh boys! I think I have several copies of that same picture only with different faces.

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