Chalk your walk” has been trending all spring, with ideas for making your neighborhood a more bright and cheerful place.

But one 14 year old is taking her chalk out to the next level and bringing her little brother along for the ride.

Courtesy of @macairesmuse on Instagram

Macaire Everett began creating chalk art in her driveway, incorporating her brother Camden into her artwork. What began as simple drawings has expanded to amazing scenes featuring animals, album covers, famous buildings, and of course, Camden in all of them.

Camden has walked across the famous crosswalk with the Beatles, paddles a gondola through Venice, jumped rope with kangaroos, gone bull-fighting, and more adventures.

Courtesy of @macairesmuse on Instagram

Each of Macaire’s art projects are created in chalk with a place just for Camden, and a few for her too. The latest rainbow piece features both siblings in an update version of a drawing Macaire made at Camden’s age.

The siblings plan to continue their project for at least 100 days and continue to share their newest drawings on Macaire’s Instagram page, Macaire’s Muse.

Courtesy of @macairesmuse on Instagram

Why not try your own masterpiece this weekend? Try these 13 recipes to make DIY chalk or this fizzing sidewalk paint instead of heading to the store.

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