BookCarriage1I don’t speak Spanish, but since moving to Texas I am learning the importance of being bi-lingual.   I hope that my children will take advantage of the rich cultural and linguistic opportunities that Texas has in a bi-lingual community! I was thrilled to have discovered a small, classy bookstore in Roanoke, off their historic Oak Street.   The Book Carriage has great coffee, lots of books, including a children’s book nook, and they also offer bi-lingual children story time!   It is wonderful that they reach out to and help educate our youngster!   We found the Book Carriage two or three months ago and have been coming ever since!   My kids love their bi-lingual story time and have learned a ton of Spanish words and phrases.   So Book Carriage Story timefar, the kids have learned about their colors with Clifford, worked on their numbers as they danced to the Chocolate song, and learned several of their animals with classic stories like “The Ugly Duckling” and “Three Little Pigs”.   I am amazed at how much they can learn in a thirty-minute story time.   Miss Angie, owns The Book Carriage with her hubby, takes the time to help teach our preschoolers.   They also offer a selection of bi-lingual story books to help parents, like me, learn along side their children and to supplement learning throughout the week.   We look forward to bilingual storytime at The Book Carriage and hope to see you there!   It is held each week, completely free, each Wednesday morning at 10:30am.   1 The Book Carriage also offers a Saturday afternoon English storytime, live musicians Saturday nights, a video conference room, and free wi-fi.   It can be found at 304 N. Oak Street in Roanoke.   The street is currently being renovated and you may have to park in the back.   If you have any questions, I know Angie or one of the other friendly staff would love to help you!   Please call: 817-491-2858 Rachel is a mommy to three kiddos and is a regular contributor of preschool activities at the blog, Quirky Momma.   Check out her blog for more ideas on how to help your children learn.

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  1. This is so great! I love that bi-lingual education is being promoted (for FREE) in the community! It’s definitely something essential for kids to learn at a young age, I wish I had learned from my parents – gosh, it would have been much easier on me later in life!