When I graduated from college several years ago, I fancied myself a smart cookie. I didn’t know everything – but what I didn’t know I could find out! Oh how the times have changed…

Sitting in front of me now is an adversary that is far scarier than a pile of books. It is – an iPhone. And can I use my iPhone? No. Can I make calls on it at least? No. Am I accidentally calling people while trying to enter their contact information in my new phone??? Yes. Yes, I am.

Honestly, it boggles my mind that a piece of technology not much bigger than a deck of cards, can do all the things the iPhone promises to. And since I have lived the last month without a cell phone, I had plenty of time to research the options. I lost my old cell phone in the middle of September. Losing a cell phone is never fun, and I waited a good long time hoping it would show up again, but we were nearing two months without the phone – and it was time to give up hope. The iPhone turned out to be the same price as replacing my old phone. So I figured, why not??

Well here, is why not Shannon… Technology doesn’t like you!! It will laugh at you while you read the absurdly tiny owners manual! It will mock you when you try to text your husband, but instead text the the dogs vet. It will gleam in it’s little black case, and taunt you with it’s impossible shiny-ness!!

Apple iPhone

OK, OK…I’m taking deep breaths now. I am a smart, resourceful person. I can do this. I can learn to master my iPhone – and not let it master me! I will harness iPhones many apps to make my life easier! I will approach this like I would a research paper.

I will find out everything I can…

Can you help?? What apps would be most helpful to a stay at home mom? What apps are the most fun? How did you learn to use your iPhone? I’ll take any advice! Help!

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  1. I was the same way!! I just got mine a month ago. Took me a day to figure out how to make a call and to text. Took me even longer to figure out how to use picture mail, forward a message and now I am still figuring things out! It is SO totally worth it though!! The iphone does lack a few features that my old phone had, but the apps are awesome! I love mine now and wouldnt trade it for anything!

  2. I couldn’t live without my Tweetie. I do all my twitter stuff through my phone. I also like the “Around Me” app which you can find out all the restaurants/gas stations/etc. that are close. that comes in handy during playdates that venture out…

    I also like the game “flood it” which is fun to play when you don’t have internet access.

    I love my phone, but I also was calling people when adding them…in fact, I did that the other day. sorry!

  3. Well I only became a mom this week but if you are planning on having more children, the Baby Brain app has been amazing for me to track eating and sleeping and diapering.

    For non-mom-related apps, definitely check out Shazaam and Weatherbug (Weatherbug is more localized and therefore more accurate than the weather app that comes with the iphone). Also, if you use Flickr or Twitter, there are apps for both of those that I highly recommend!

    Grocery Gadget is another app that is worth paying for – especially if your husband/partner has an iPhone also, because it allows you to share grocery lists, take pictures of the exact item you want so that he gets the right one, and estimate/compare costs at different stores. I love it!!
    Hope that helps!!