Alphabet tracing worksheets are a great practice for early writers. As children learn letter shapes and sizes and develop the motor skills needed to write, use these printable, free alphabet tracing worksheets often to encourage handwriting practice at home.

stack of alphabet tracing worksheets with colorful cover and pens

Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

Most children will learn to write letters by about age five, but that varies significantly from child to child. But kids do lots of work to prepare before then. Coloring, scribbling, drawing — they are all activities to prepare kids to write by building the hand coordination and motor skills they need before writing is even a possibility.

When you think they are ready to start working on their letters, grab our printable alphabet tracing pages and let them try tracing their upper case and lower case letters.

Get your Alphabet Tracing Worksheets Here!

alphabet tracing worksheet sample page with the capital letter A
Letter Tracing Pages provide tracing repetition with space to try letters independently.

How do I know if my child is ready to write?

There are several milestones to indicate if your child is ready to write:

  • can they draw a line vertically and horizontally?
  • can they create basic shapes like a circle, triangle, and square?
  • if you draw a wavy line across the page, can they trace it reasonably well?

But for me, as a parent, the greatest indicator was if my kids showed actual interest in writing their letters. I wanted writing to be interesting and fun, not a chore they dreaded. So to a great degree, I followed their lead.

lowercase letter a letter tracing page
Capital and lowercase letters are included for lots of alphabet tracing practice.

If tracing their letters became frustrating, I might write their name and let them trace my handwriting. If writing practice just wasn’t happening that day, I went back to pre-writing skills that are more fun and comfortable:

  • I’ll draw our house, do you want to draw the trees outside?
  • I’ll draw shapes, do you want to color them? Your turn to draw the shapes, and then I can color them.
  • Want to make your name with playdough instead?

Free Printable Letter Tracing Worksheets Here

Image of letter tracing worksheet packet with sample pages and colorful cover

How Do I Use My Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

These printable alphabet tracing worksheets are yours for free. And you can print as many copies as you want to help your child with handwriting practice.

  • Print a set of uppercase letters
  • Or a set of lowercase letters
  • Pair capital and lowercase letters together –> Aa Bb Cc
  • Print the practice pages that make up your child’s name

Just remember to keep alphabet practice low-stress by making it fun time you spend with your child.

alphabet printable worksheets cover art

Looking for more letter activities to do with your child?

Welcome to the home of more letter activities than you can count! Every single letter of the alphabet has a learning center here. Check out all the fun, free ways we can help your child learn to read and write their letters!

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